Till Baumann – Coaching (EN)

I accompany

  • people in social, pedagogic, artistic and/or political work in challenging contexts
  • teams, collectives and communities in political, social and artistic areas
  • initiatives, associations and organizations in the non-profit-sector


for example:

it’s complicated – you are working as an educator or social worker with children, young persons or adults in an institution and there are moments when you reach your limits. You find it challenging to work with the groups, maybe also the collaboration in the team or with institution is difficult. You are looking for a space where you can reflect on your experiences and develop possible alternative action.

everything’s new – you have decided to work in development cooperation in another country and you are about to prepare your journey. You are aware that in this new context you will be encountering new challenges. You are looking for ongoing aid to reflect on these new experiences with a professional coach.

how can we move on? – you are a group, an initiative or an association. In your work you are reaching your limits, be it because of internal conflicts, structural challenges or a lack of common understanding about the objectives and/or strategies of your work. You are looking for external facilitation to help you reflect on everyday (self-)organizational challenges and develop common strategies. 

I work

  • with an approach to coaching that focuses on the creative development
    of solutions instead of deepening the reflection on problems and deficits


In my coaching practice I trust in the resources of the people I work with, in their creativity and in their ability to find (and invent) solutions. My work is based on the dialogical approaches of Paulo Freire as well as on the resource based, solution focused methods of Insoo Kim Berg and Steve de Shazer. Methods from organizational development in the non-profit-sector that I got to know at SOCIUS Organisationsberatung contribute to my coaching work with groups, teams and organizations. I like to work with artistic and aesthetic forms of reflection, on request also with dialogical theatre methods. My coaching work usually takes place in Berlin, but I am available for video conferencing via Skype for long distance. I work in German, English and Spanish.

I am a

  • coach, trainer, theatre facilitator, pedagogue


Since 2015 I have been coaching individuals, groups and teams. I have participated in diverse training courses in coaching and organizational development, such as „Solution focused coaching“ at Katholische Hochschule für Sozialwesen (2015), „Artistic methods in supervision and coaching“ at Institut für Theatertherapie (2015) and „developing non-profit organizations“ at SOCIUS Organisationsberatung (2018). From 2000 already, I have worked as a trainer and theatre facilitator in conflict transformation and peace work, mainly in Europe and Latin America. I am an associate member of the German Association for Supervision and Coaching (DGSv).

Till Baumann